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This website is dedicated to technology in education.

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Make your home a great place to study with indoor plants

If you work from home, or have kids that study at home, making the environment as conducive to study and healthy for all is a must. These days we are spending more time in front of screens than outdoors getting fresh air and sunlight. Our homes are often filled with…

Adding More Study Space to Your Home

If your family is demanding more and more space, extending your home to achieve more space or dedicated study area for the kids is a good option. But how to extend?, should you go up, out, side ways, or down? The right choice really depends on your situation, position and…

Learning web design the right way

The way the web is changing makes designing for the web quite frightening with the huge range of screen sizes and devices these days. Gone are the days when a front end web developer or designer would know only HTML and CSS, and design and build websites purely for desktop…

Tech in the home

Its no secret that technology is impacting on our lives in every way, be it at work, at home or anywhere we go in the world, we are connected. No more so than at home has technology changed the way the live, design and build, with the boundaries between man…

Tips for learning primary maths online

Many schools these days have introduced iPad’s into their classrooms, with many students required to have their own tablet or laptop from an early age. However, I believe that many schools and indeed teachers should integrate App-led maths learning into their maths teaching plans to allow students to work effectively…